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Family and Personal Laws

Property In Its Wider Sense Constitutes All Proprietary Rights Belonging To A Person And Does Not Include Personal Right. Proprietary Right Is Defined As A Right Which Constitutes The Assets Or Estate Of The Individual And Which Has Economic Values. In This Sense It Includes Both Corporeal Property (E.G. Right To Land, Right To Building, Etc.) And Incorporeal Property Which Includes Rights Inter Alien Such As Easement Right, Rights Of Mortgagee And Lessee.

The breakdown of a family relationship is often the most difficult period of the lives of all concerned and should be handled with great understanding.

We are used to dealing with complex and sensitive cases. We will advise you on all the legal avenues available to you. If your case is suitable for mediation and you wish to attempt to resolve matters this way, we will assist you in finding the best mediator to suit your circumstances, and will continue to advise you through that process. If mediation is not appropriate we will negotiate financial matters on your behalf or if Court proceedings are initiated, we will prepare all the Court documentation.

Our lawyers will ensure the following:

  • Secure your rightful share in the family estate/assets.
  •  Protect your interest if there is a disputed will and/or inheritance.
  • Act as arbitrators to divide the family estate among legal heirs.
  • Secure visitation rights and get you access to your child.